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Adventures of Andeh Chapter 3
The patrol was mundane, mind numbing,
and Steve was bored to tears. All his life he wanted to be a solider.
Now he was one and all they did was patrol, patrol, and patrol.
Something about some kids being the greatest threat to the world as
they knew it since the last war. That seemed impossible to Steve,
since the last war was over hundreds of years ago, nearly thousands.
Hmmm, that was odd. Was those two always there before? They seemed a
little short for regular soldiers, and that one seem to be packing a
lot in the chest area. Although females were allowed in the military,
he didn't think there was any in his outfit. He was simply paranoid
and tired. They would be stopping soon for the night. Maybe tomorrow
would be bett.....
And Steve was out. He wasn't the first to fall, but he wasn't the last. Andeh and his friend didn't plan it
the way it happened, but they still had the captain to take care of.
Unfortunately, he caught on as the last grunt fell. He tried to put
up a fight, but
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A knight's sad tale.
“Why princess! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, the knight cried out as he pounded his fist into the ground. He had just awoken after hours from what was truly a heavy blow to his head. He continued to hit the ground with all his might until his gloves were soaked in blood from his split knuckles. He then sat against a tree to weep and think about what had happen.
He was traveling with his princess, the one who had pulled him out of despair and who he served without question and would die for. The demon who fallowed decided to stay back until the right time. He could have very well have killed the knight at any time, knowing he wasn't the strongest there was. But he knew that human have a tendency to draw great strength when their lives and love ones are in danger. But the knight knew he was there. The knight knew he would never win in a straight out fight, but kept on guard. He knew this demon was fallowing them, he had known it for a long time but did nothing. And while he still had hi
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Adventures of Andeh Ch.2
Andeh woke up with a start. He looked around and saw he was back in his classroom. “Damn it!” he said out loud without thinking. The teacher stopped what she was covering to wittily say, “Apparently Andeh didn't agree with Bill Gates setting up the Internet which no doubt he uses everyday of his life.” Andeh ignored her and the very few laughs her comment caused. As the teacher resumed the lesson, Joe quietly got Andeh's attention. Andeh ignored his friends vocal attempts to talk to him, but started to write down the answer to the question that was bound to be asked. When Joe finally got the note, he read, “Yes, I was back in that world again. I was there for about a month. And also, stop asking me to tell “Her” about you because you and I both know that I don't remember anything when I go
Luckily for Andeh, that was the last period. The problem was that he was out for a total of five minutes, and that was at the beginning of class. He sat there and d
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Adventures of Andeh and Others
  Where does reality begin and fantasy end? What line
separates this world from the next, or possible a different one? And
who is really able to tell the difference between them all. But I'm
getting slightly ahead of myself.
  During a sunny day in the middle off the country, two
young bodies lay watching the clouds roll by. There's the sound of a
train whistle blowing at a nearby train station as it readies to head
off to it's next destination. One of the body sits up and look
towards the train station. It turns out to be a teenage girl, with
blue-green eyes, average skin tone ,dirty blond hair in small pig
tails, and obviously not one of the nicest girls around due to her
cameo tank top, ripped pants, and combat boots. She turns to her
companion, a teenage boy with short black hair with streaks of red in
it, slightly tan, and fitting the bill of a stereotypical punk.
"Andeh", she says in a soft voice and in the manner that
the word literally forms in mid air, "why
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Mature content
Random Stories. Ch.1 :iconmoodyman90:Moodyman90 1 0
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Chapter 2
Chapter 02: The Decision
Andrew woke up the next morning with a dull throb in his head and a weird feeling that he had the power to change anything he wanted. He tried to put it in the back of his mind, but it wouldn't fade. He finally  decided to test what he felt and went back into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. He focused on his face until his much hated zits started to vanish one by one. He quickly got the rest of his things ready for school, walked outside, and waited for the bus. He was going to have some fun with his new found powers. He got on the bus and tried to send a mental message to everyone to finally SHUT UP so he could get some more sleep. But despite his best effort, all he managed to do is pass out in the seat and giving everyone one the bus a head ache. He was lucky enough to wake up as soon as the bus made it to the high school and couldn't tell what had happen to him.
Once again the others wasn't outside because they came to school late and he
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Chapter 1
Chapter 01: The Beginning
Andrew was nearly brain dead by the time the second  lunch bell rung. First period was the same old studying on the computer, but he couldn't sneak onto other sites because the teacher was watching him like a hawk that day. Second period was ok, besides the fact that the person he wanted to talk to wasn't there. He had to settle for his friend that was starting to tick him off on subjects they use to agree with each other on. Homeroom was late that day, and was the more boring one yet because his homeroom "teacher" wouldn't shut up about how important the time they spent in advisement was.
"Just shut up already, it's not like we're listening anyways" he thought. He would normally ignore her, but today was different because his patient nature was  nonexistent.
The beginning of third period was as boring as it usually was, meaning the rest of the day should be ok.  When the lunch bell sounded, it might as well have been Judgment Day's call to him and the others
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Chapter 0 of my crazy story.
Chapter 00: Before The Awakening.
Andrew woke up and looked at the alarm clock across the room. He frowned when he saw it was only 5:54. He cursed himself as he got up for always waking up before the alarm went off and turned it off. He grabbed the remote for the T.V. and crawled back in bed before turning the T.V. on. As he laid there watching the episode of Inuyasha and Trigun that he recorded the night before, he had a strange feeling that something would happen today at school and shouldn't go. But he shrugged it off like he usually does because the feeling was nothing new.
Later on, when he had gotten dressed and was on his way to school, he had forgotten about the feeling he had and was more worried about the homework for Mr. Futch he forgot to do the night before. He sat there in the seat of his dad's truck once again wishing he had more time in the afternoon then he did. More time for homework. More time for talking to friends online. More time to do things he wanted to do. Lit
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Hey! Two journal entries within the same year! It's a Christmas miracle.

Anyways, I survived for another year and thus today people have been wishing me a Happy Birthday. But it's my 25th birthday, meaning I've survived twenty-five years on this world.  Guess my best bet is to shoot for at least another twenty-five years and go from there.


Andrew Moody
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Current Residence: Brooks County, Georgia
Favorite genre of music: Country,Rock, some rap.
Shell of choice: Handheld.
Wallpaper of choice: Random
Skin of choice: My own.
Favorite cartoon character: Vash, Inuyasha, Spike, Edward Elric,
Personal Quote: There's no such thing as normal or sanity, so stop looking at my like that.


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